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Charting Libraries
  • NVD3 (
    • Initial evaluation: seems the most mature. Apparently, has bad documentation, and is hard to use without going to its source code.
  • dimple (
    • Initial evaluation: its main goal is to offer a simple API to create charts
  • C3.js (
    • Initial evaluation: highly customizable charting API.
  • xCharts (
    • Initial evaluation: "designed to be dynamic, fluid, and open to integrations and customization" seems to have a rather complex API though
  • Vega (
  • rCharts (
    • Initial evaluation: based on other two open-source projects (rVega, and rHighCharts). Creates a layer of abstraction on top of other charting libraries (like NVD3, HighCharts, Rickshaw, Morris, Polycharts, or Leaflet) using the R language.
  • Rickshaw (
    • Initial evaluation: looks similar to NVD3 in its goal of providing an API that allows you to customize the different elements that compose a chart (axis, series, legends, ...)
  • Dygraphs ( Plot charts.
  • ChartJS (
    • Six types of charts
    • Canvas based
    • Retina-display support
    • Supports IE8
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