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Git beginner instructions

Studio 1 git instructions

This is a quick reference guide for using git in Studio 1. Keep in mind that we have only covered the very basics of git - as you learn more you will need to adjust your workflow to suit.

We are deliberately staying away from branching at this stage so that you can focus on learning and practicing the basics, but if you feel confident enough to dive right in then be my guest.

Quick tip: the only way to really learn git is to practice. Make a practice repo on GitHub and mess around with it as much as you can.

First steps

To get started, you should be familiar with the various states your work can exist in. In other words, you need to know about the workspace, the local repo and the remote repo. It would also be useful to understand what staging is. We will cover these concepts in class. Head over to the Version Control tab to review some information about git basics.


#Professional Practice in the OP BIT

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