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Last active Dec 18, 2015

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rebol [title: "GUI & Async HTTP Demo" author: 'abolka date: 2013-06-18]
do-download: closure [url-field content-area /local url port] [
url: to-url get-face url-field
port: make port! url
port/awake: funct [event] [
switch event/type [
connect [
;; Use HTTP's READ actor to send the HTTP request once we are
;; connected.
read event/port
read [
;; Schedule the low-level TCP port for further reading.
;; (@@ Smells! Should be taken care of by the HTTP scheme.)
read event/port/state/connection
done [
;; Use HTTP's COPY actor to read the full website content once
;; reading is finished.
set-face content-area to-string copy event/port
close event/port
return true
open port
view [
vpanel [
title "Async HTTP GUI Demo"
hpanel [
text "URL"
url-field: field ""
content-area: area
hpanel [
button "Download" on-action [
do-download url-field content-area
button "Quit" on-action [
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