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Print service worker cache sizes and overall bytes cached.
* @author ebidel@ (Eric Bidelman)
* License Apache-2.0
// Prints the bytes cached by service worker. Breaks out each cache
// overall in-memory bytes used by the Cache Storage API for the site.
async function getCacheStoragesAssetTotalSize() {
// Note: opaque (i.e. cross-domain, without CORS) responses in the cache will return a size of 0.
const cacheNames = await caches.keys();
let total = 0;
const sizePromises = cacheName => {
const cache = await;
const keys = await cache.keys();
let cacheSize = 0;
await Promise.all( key => {
const response = await cache.match(key);
const blob = await response.blob();
total += blob.size;
cacheSize += blob.size;
console.log(`Cache ${cacheName}: ${cacheSize} bytes`);
await Promise.all(sizePromises);
return `Total Cache Storage: ${total} bytes`;
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