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ActiveModel ActiveRecord generate error message
class User # class User < ActiveRecord::Base
include ActiveModel::Model #
attr_accessor :name, :age
validates :name, presence: true
validates :age, presence: true,
numericality: { only_integer: true, greater_than: 0 }
user = -99)
# Assuming the current locale is "en"
user.errors.full_messages # => [ "Name can't be blank", "Age must be greater than 0"]
user.errors.generate_message(:name, :blank) # => "can't be blank"
user.errors.generate_message(:age, :greater_than, {count: 0}) # => "must be greater than 0"
user.errors.full_message(:name, :blank) # => "Name can't be blank"
user.errors.full_message(:age, :greater_than, {count: 0}) # => "Age must be greater than 0"
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