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Resize and increase the canvas size of an image to 225x100 using imagemagick
# I want to resize an image from 600x128 to 225x100 while keeping its aspect ratio.
# Resizing the width to 225 while keeping the aspect ratio makes one dimension (height)
# smaller (225x48) than what I want to obtain (225x100).
# The workaround is to resize first,
# then increase the canvas of the other dimension (height)
# to obtain the desired size (225x100) then center the image in the canvas.
# Step #1: Resize the width first to 225 keeping the aspect ratio (=> 225x48)
# This is not enough.
convert image_600x128.png -resize 225 image_225x.png
# Step #2: Now increase the canvas size setting height to 100 and center the image
# ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
convert image_225x.png -gravity center -extent 225x100 -transparent white image_225x100.png
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