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Replace duplicate objects with the original
from django.db import transaction
from django.db.models.deletion import Collector
from django.db.models.fields.related import ForeignKey, ManyToManyField, OneToOneField
duplicates = []
items = {}
client = Client.objects.get(name='Demo')
for c in Company.objects.filter(active=True, client=client):
company_name =
if in duplicates:
other_companies = Company.objects.filter(client=client, active=True, name=company_name).exclude(
if other_companies.exists():
ids = [ for x in other_companies]
items[] = ids
duplicates += ids
black_list = ['Company_company_owners']
with transaction.atomic():
for k, v in items.iteritems():
org = Company.objects.get(id=k)
for s_v in v:
dup = Company.objects.get(id=s_v)
collector = Collector(using='default')
for model, instance in collector.instances_with_model():
model_name = model.__name__
if model_name not in black_list:
fields_with_foreign = model._meta.fields
for f in fields_with_foreign:
if isinstance(f, ForeignKey) or isinstance(f, OneToOneField):
f_name = f.rel.field.attname
if is org.__class__:
print 'Foreign Key is setting %s to %s of instance %s, %s' % (f_name,, instance, model)
setattr(instance, f.rel.field.attname,
many_to_many_fields = model._meta.many_to_many
for f in many_to_many_fields:
f_name = f.rel.field.attname
if is org.__class__:
print 'ManytoMany Key is setting %s to %s from %s of instance %s, %s' % (f_name,,, instance, model)
instance.__getattribute__(f_name).add(org) = False
print "Duplicate %s set to deactivate" %
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