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ebullient / _campaign.txt
Last active January 28, 2024 17:27
Managing a campaign in obsidian
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Too much to explain. But here are some related scripts for managing / creating session notes.
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# Missing files with Custom JS
There are two parts: missing.js and
- `missing.js` is a CustomJS script (placed where you would store CustomJS scripts in your vault)
- `` is the target file (contents between HTML comments are overwritten)
The path to `` must be specified in `missing.js`.

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

To claim this, I am signing this object:

ebullient / .about
Created February 4, 2022 13:13
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# ZSH configuration without oh-my-zsh
I stuff everything into a .zsh directory to keep the dir tree slimmer, which means I have a `.zshenv` file that contains:
All of the files and settings below then live in the `~/.zsh` directory
The referenced file is from
ebullient / _dates in
Last active May 3, 2023 20:55
Method for creating/updating daily/weekly/monthly templates in
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CustomJS is used to load two JavaScript classes: create.js and dated.js,,, and are Templater templates which use instances of the previous classes to parse dates and generate headers and links.

Bonus is I was able to create a small test project to verify the output of dated.js, as it has no other dependencies aside from moment.js. The test project contains:

  • package.json sets up a simple node project (such that npm install works)
  • main.js runs the test: node main.js
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# You must have sudo ability on your machine
if [ -z $machine ]; then
echo "usage $0 {machine_name}"
docker-machine ls | grep ${machine}
if [ $? == 1 ]; then
echo "${machine} is not a docker-machine"