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Questions for Transpiler Veterans
  1. For your transpiler, how did you decide which source language and target language(s) to focus on?
  2. Were there any existing transpiler solutions that solved part of all of the problem surface you were addressing? If so, which factors led to you choosing to create your own transpiler instead of reusing existing solutions?
  3. Who were your stakeholders when starting the project?
  4. What were obstacles that you faced when starting the project?
  5. What were obstacles that you faced during the implementation of the project?
  6. What factors led to the success of the project?
  7. How much time has been spent on the project since the beginning?
  8. Are there any remaining features that you would still like to fix in the transpiling project?
  9. What are the technical considerations / challenges for anyone considering a transpiling approach? Are there unwritten pearls of wisdom about transpilers / compilers?
  10. What is your opinion on why there are few (no?) “universal” general purpose one-to-all transpilers? Ex: did you examine Haxe, and if so, what was your opinion of it then? What challenges would you imagine that a “universal” transpiler would encounter that you did not in your own project?
  11. Are there any other things that I haven’t asked that would be useful to know?
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