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How to Build OpenShift Server on F17
Start with Fedora 17
yum install -y git vim rubygem-thor rubygem-parseconfig tito make rubygem-aws-sdk tig mlocate bash-completion rubygem-yard rubygem-redcarpet ruby-devel redhat-lsb
yum install -y
gem install rspec -v '1.1.12'
for i in origin-server origin-dev-tools rhc ; do
cd ~;
git clone git://$i;
cd ~/origin-server
~/origin-dev-tools/build/devenv install_required_packages
~/origin-dev-tools/build/devenv local_build
/usr/sbin/oo-setup-broker --debug
vim /etc/httpd/conf.d/000000_openshift_origin_broker_proxy.conf
Replace <VirtualHost *:443>
With <VirtualHost>
Reboot machine
verify that broker is up with: curl -k https://localhost/broker/rest/api.xml
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