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edap / example.js
Created Apr 20, 2017
load .ply files exported from magicavoxel into threejs
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//THREE.PLYLoader returns a BufferGeometry
let geometry = new THREE.Geometry().fromBufferGeometry( buffGeometry );
var material = new THREE.MeshPhongMaterial( { specular: 0x111111, shininess: 200, vertexColors: THREE.VertexColors } );
var mesh = new THREE.Mesh( geometry, material );
mesh.scale.multiplyScalar( 0.5 );
return mesh;
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View fake-teasel.clj
(defn leaf
[n-stripes width]
(let [
end (mg/scale-edge :ab :x
:scale 0.02
:out [(make-stripes n-stripes)])
middle (mg/reflect :s :out[{}
(mg/scale-edge :bc :z
:len width
:out [(mg/extrude
View catherine-wheel.clj
(defn scale-side
[hex distorsion]
(mg/scale-edge :ef :y
:scale distorsion
:out [hex]))
(defn displace-ring
[& {:keys [offset scale] :or {offset 0.2 scale 1.0}}]
(let [displace-it (mg/split-displace :y :z :offset offset :out [nil {}])
scale-it (mg/scale-edge :bc :z :scale scale :out [displace-it])]
View spritz.clj
(defn punch
{:op :sd-inset, :args {:dir :w, :inset 0.999}, :out [{} {} {} {} nil]}
[dir w & [out]]
(mg/subdiv-inset :dir dir :inset w :out (or out {4 nil})))
(defn petal
[scale offset punch-y]
(let [punch-it (mg/skew :e :e :offset offset
:out [(punch :y punch-y)])
tree (mg/scale-edge :ef :y :scale scale
View star.cljs
(defn star
(let [side (mg/apply-recursively (mg/reflect :e) 13 [1] 1)
seed (mg/sphere-lattice-seg 6 0.355 0.0955 0.2)
skewed-side (mg/skew
:offset 0.3
:out [side])
tree (mg/scale-edge
View test-sphere.cljs
(defn morphogen-mesh
[seed tree]
(-> seed
(mg/generate-mesh tree)
(def strip-quad
"Arrangement of quads"
(let [quad (mg/apply-recursively (mg/reflect :e) 4 [1] 1)
View apply-recusrively.cljs
(defn da-example-apply-recursively
(let [hex (mg/apply-recursively (mg/reflect :e) 5 [1] 1)
seed (a/aabb [0 0 0] 0.95)
tree (mg/skew
:offset 0.3
:out [hex])

install this:

And then install the ruby version 2.1.7 rbenv install 2.1.7-github

go in the folder of your website. Run:

rbenv local 2.1.7-github

This will set the ruby version of your project to 2.1.7.

View reg_image_extension.go
func isImage(filename string) bool {
is_img, _ := regexp.MatchString("(?i)\\.(png|jpg|jpeg|gif)$", filename)
return is_img
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