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This will overwrite metrics data in Graphite. Proceed with caution. Look at and understand the different constants. Here there be dragons. You've been warned
_ = require('lodash')
request = require('request')
exec = require('child_process').exec
host = "your graphite host"
port = 2003
metric = ""
anomalous_data_url = "http://#{host}/render/?_salt=1409317188.361&target=#{metric}&from=00%3A45_20140828&format=json&until=04%3A11_20140829"
threshold = 50000
corrected_value = 14000
act = false
request(anomalous_data_url, (error, response, body) ->
if (!error)
payload = JSON.parse(body)[0]
metric =
datapoints = payload.datapoints
console.log "Metric: #{metric}"
outside_the_threshold = _.filter(datapoints, (item) -> item[0]>threshold)
console.log("#{outside_the_threshold.length} items outside the threshold")
_.each(outside_the_threshold, (item) ->
command = "/bin/echo '#{metric} #{corrected_value} #{item[1]}' | /usr/bin/nc #{host} #{port}"
if (act)
console.dir item
console.log command
exec command, (error, stdout, stderr) ->
console.log "stdout: " + stdout if stdout isnt ""
console.log "stderr: " + stderr if stderr isnt ""
console.log "exec error: " + error if error isnt null
console.dir item
console.log command
console.dir error
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