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@edavis10 edavis10/git.txt
Created Nov 12, 2011

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ChiliProject finn design interactive rebase log to squash and reorganize commits
# Project navigation but is code changes. Needs code review.
pick 2ce7570 [#692] project navigation - issues/summary closing | click field to large
s c7be3bf [#692] working project navigation
pick e385a88 [#692] change project navigation arrow on hover
s bc86e95 [#692] fix project navigation arrows
# Login menu
pick c5955a3 [#692] login slidedown implemented placeholder not compatible with IE & Co
s 083d31e [#692] login menu now compatible with IE 7/8/9, safari, chrome
s a28989a [#692] complete login pulldown tested on IE 7 / 8 / 9 / Firefox / Safari / Chrome
s 623036b [#692] tabindex and focus fix fix for ie 7 focus on input page
s 4fa30ec [#692] fixes login problems on login-pulldown
# Images
pick 95350cd [#692] images for new design
s bb888ca [#692] grey arrow for romanos very own homepage
s 078f942 [#692] fixes grey arrow. missed a px there
# Main Design
pick 5f91057 [#692] intermediate state of the re-design
s 6e6b175 [#692] only render menu style effects on the first link in our header menu
s 5200aab [#692] intermediate state of the re-design before merging Johannes Wollert's stuff
s 8933985 [#692] design change
s 2e28ede [#692] grey icons for home and help on hover
s e5a2f92 [#692] remove underline on project menu items with submenus
s e90f8fc [#692] fix from wolle from commit 79eecd2c6673adf2d06b6ba5dc841aa98c9cfb3a
s 058c4b0 [#692] sidebarfix
s d351117 [#692] main-menu height
s d5ea07d [#692] sidebar content moved, duplicate issue h2 removed old css style on issue removed
s 097a61c [#692] issue subtasks / relations hr working version (not working on IE7 yet)
s 1af8cb0 [#692] resolves z-index problem in ie7 fixes action order (update first position)
s b536b89 [#692] border line of main-menu fixed
s 72624b3 [#692] only hide the first ul element in menu when toggling a menuitem. don't meddle with child-visibiliies too much
s 685d990 [#692] wrap the content with a 1px border, except the top. there we got the breadcrumb gradient
s 21acf89 [#692] introduces fieldset hover
s 80229e5 [#692] content titles are always 18px
s 7223ac4 [#692] introduces small padding for standard fieldsets
s 6671d0e [#692] seperate additional formats and issue title bar actions again
s 8ede2eb [#692] links are bold and have red color links:hover --> underlined standard chili behavior
s 294e4ef [#692] new ToC style for Wiki. It's now rendered inside a fieldset
s 2c22359 [#692] fix contextual icon styles
s 9d9e25a [#692] login link padding looked kinda funky on the register link, introduces 2px margin for surrounding div instead
s e1d947d [#692] border stays visible minor fix for IE
s 74aa1f7 [#692] changed default font family to arial
s 8d9eb36 [#692] css changes for sidebar in order to make it usable
s 6a7318c [#692] fixed other formats style on activity
# Project menu, brings in chosen. Needs library review.
pick 60f7f1b [#692] enable jump to project box to take options (projects and html)
pick 4a2afc5 [#692] project drop down menu in header. kinda works
pick 06f5c34 [#692] patchin' chosen: don't resize. might look funky with long option names; browsers should take care of that
pick 8ff9f15 [#692] patchin' chosen: escape option html before rendering/doing substr magic on it
pick 88f76c6 [#692] pretty project search box inside submenu. relies on patched chosen version
pick 810e781 [#692] chosen pulldown now uses smaller fields
pick 05d9907 [#692] retain padding for chzn results, so topmenu styles don't interfere
pick 51fe9c4 [#692] empty project search every time the menu drops down
pick 7766dc3 [#692] fixes IE7 overflow bug in project search results
pick 50f3cc1 [#692] fix display strangeness for project search on browsers other than chrome
pick bab6926 [#692] projects will only be visible in the top menu when logged in or when authentication is not required
# Header menu
pick 8811e0f [#692] header finished except for the project navigation
pick 9e30c14 [#692] fixes IE7 z-index bug issues with header drop down menues
s b2bf463 [#692] fixes focus on ie7
s 31bcada [#692] fixes bug with main menu select box deselection
pick d22ca3f [#692] click - hover - os-like navigation bar
# Refactoring
pick 45a48b0 [#692] renamed div#account to div#header cleanup
s 6fb1e73 [#692] renaming account >> header in .js
pick 0f2def8 [#692] adjust select boxes in header menu to be opened on DOM load
pick 0b305fb [#692] fixes admin-menu removes div#admin-menu - now content of main menu
pick 83b21fd [#692] added TODOs for weird bug fix
pick 9acca6e [#692] focus the first visible input field in a drop down menu
pick d9b25ca [#692] deselect all previously selected options in a header menu select box
pick 08d622b [#692] small chunk'o'docu
pick 6587a4c [#692] only slide the first ul element when toggling header menu items. that way we won't interfere with underlying structures
# Submenus
pick b9432c7 [#692] display setting tabs in project menu
pick cdced90 [#692] Revert "display setting tabs in project menu"
# END, reverted
# TODO: split
e 64ec106 [#692] fixes admin-menu sets main admin page to 'projects' new design on ticket view filter / options / attachments fieldset redesign
# Issues
pick 32b85dc [#692] header-menu subentries closer together 2 columns instead of 3 for issue detail
pick c68f4a2 [#692] display issue list subjects as links to somewhat heighten discoverability
# Reject?
pick 32a1291 [#692] remove duplicate header from the bottom of the ticket show view
# My page widget design
pick e8e8198 [#692] implemented widget design for mypage background gradient image missing
s 19ce2e8 [#692] made icon grey in order to keep it visible raised icon margin to position it directly inside the widget when in personalize mode
s 81c5093 [#692] added a background image to display the gradient
s 9b0afbc [#692] fixed shadow on IE 7 + minor esthetic adjustments
# Removed until code review to confirm reverting is needed.
# pick 3b8cc70 [#692] Revert "[#263] Refactor: move top menu logic to ApplicationHelper"
# Rebase 1897459..8149609 onto 1897459
# Commands:
# p, pick = use commit
# r, reword = use commit, but edit the commit message
# e, edit = use commit, but stop for amending
# s, squash = use commit, but meld into previous commit
# f, fixup = like "squash", but discard this commit's log message
# x, exec = run command (the rest of the line) using shell
# If you remove a line here THAT COMMIT WILL BE LOST.
# However, if you remove everything, the rebase will be aborted.
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