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@eddie / Secret
Created Nov 6, 2015

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Anki OSX Dictionary Lookup
# coding: utf-8
Simple addon to quickly lookup words in the OSX dictionary
Author: Eddie Blundell <>
Heavily based of work by Artiom Basenko <>
License: The MIT License (MIT)
# Stdlib
# Anki
from aqt.qt import *
from aqt.webview import AnkiWebView
from anki.hooks import addHook
# Qt
from PyQt4.QtGui import *
from PyQt4.QtCore import *
class OSXDictionary:
"""OSX Dictionary launcher
OSX_CMD = 'open dict:///%s'
def get_selected(self, view):
"""Copy selected text"""
def lookup_osx(self, view):
QProcess.startDetached(self.OSX_CMD % self.get_selected(view))
def add_action(self, view, menu, action):
"""Add 'lookup' action to context menu"""
action = menu.addAction(action)
action.connect(action, SIGNAL('triggered()'),
lambda view=view: self.lookup_osx(view))
def lookup_osx_action(self, view, menu):
"""Lookup OSX action"""
self.add_action(view, menu,
u'OSXで「%s」の意味' % self.get_selected(view)[:10])
# Add lookup actions to context menu
osx_dict = OSXDictionary()
addHook("AnkiWebView.contextMenuEvent", osx_dict.lookup_osx_action)


thanks for sharing this! I wrote a derivative add-on to look up expressions in the card browser and it's working great so far.

One thing I've added is a check to add_action to make sure to only show the context menu entry when a selection is set:

def add_action(self, view, menu, action):
    """Add 'lookup' action to context menu"""
    if self.get_selected(view):

Thought you might find that useful as well.

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