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monitor = "Dell Alienware AW3418DW"
keyboard = "Dell Alienware AW768"
mouse = "Dell Alienware AW959"
cabinet = "Dell Alienware Aurora"
yourname = "Smart-Employee"
print("Hello ", yourname, ",", "\nYou have really amazing system with this amazing configuration:")
print("\n", cabinet, "\n", monitor, "\n", keyboard, "\n", mouse)
number1 = int(input("Please enter first no: "))
number2 = int(input("Please enter second no: "))
print("What operation would you like to perform?")
ops = input(" 1. Sum\n 2. Sub\n 3. div\n 4. multi\n Press the number in front of operation and press Enter")
if ops == "1":
sum = number1 + number2
print("The result is: ", sum)
elif ops == "2":