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Last active May 10, 2021
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Simple Python Feistel encoder/decoder
"""A simple 8-round Feistel network to encode/decode 8-bit integers.
See for construction details.
from random import randint
KEYS = [(randint(11, 19), randint(1, 200)) for _ in range(ROUNDS)]
def encode(number):
"""Feistel encryption operation to map 8-bit inputs to 8-bit outputs."""
left, right = number >> 4, number & 0x0f
for keynum in range(ROUNDS):
left, right = right, left ^ feistel(right, keynum)
return left << 4 | right
def decode(number):
"""Inverse (decryption) Feistel operation."""
left, right = number >> 4, number & 0x0f
for keynum in reversed(range(ROUNDS)):
left, right = right ^ feistel(left, keynum), left
return left << 4 | right
def feistel(number, keynum):
"""Feistel non-invertible transformation function,"""
offset, multiplier = KEYS[keynum]
return (number + offset) * multiplier & 0x0f
if __name__ == '__main__':
assert [decode(encode(n)) for n in range(256)] == range(256)
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