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Created Nov 20, 2017
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A helper class that exposes observables for two different types, as well as a single observable for both
class RelayPair<A, B> {
private val relayA = BehaviorRelay.create(null as A?)
private val relayB = BehaviorRelay.create(null as B?)
private val relayBoth = BehaviorRelay.create(Both<A, B>(null, null))
data class Both<out A, out B>(val a: A?, val b: B?)
fun publishA(value: A?) { = value))
fun publishB(value: B?) { = value))
fun publishBoth(a: A?, b: B?) {, b))
fun observeA(): Observable<A?> = relayA
fun getA(): A? = relayA.value
fun observeB(): Observable<B?> = relayB
fun getB(): B? = relayB.value
fun observeBoth(): Observable<Both<A, B>> = relayBoth
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