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Ed Hemphill edhemphill

  • Arm Inc.
  • Austin, TX
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Number of platforms 1
Platform Name AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing
Platform Vendor Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
Platform Version OpenCL 2.0 AMD-APP (2482.3)
Platform Profile FULL_PROFILE
Platform Extensions cl_khr_icd cl_amd_event_callback cl_amd_offline_devices
Platform Extensions function suffix AMD
Platform Name AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing
Number of devices 1
View mbed-edge-demo-script.js
var resourceID = "VirtualTemperature74";
var temperature;
var currentlyRaised = false;
function raiseAlert() {
dev$.alert('Temperature Too Low', 'warning', true, {
temp: temperature
currentlyRaised = true;'Temperature Too Low, alert raised!!');
edhemphill / fifo.go
Last active Apr 30, 2020
Thread / goroutine safe, batching and blocking FIFO queue in golang
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import (
type logBuffer struct {
stuff string
edhemphill /
Last active Feb 6, 2021
Use Duplicati for Backup to S3 on Ubuntu Server
# You need Duplicati installed
# First on Ubuntu it uses mono :( unfortunately:
# apt-get install mono-runtime
# get the latest Duplicati 2.0 - go here-->
# wget
# sudo dpkg -i duplicati_2.0.1.30-1_all.deb
# After install you will have a 'duplicati-cli' which is a script which runs the mono program: Duplicati.CommandLine.exe
edhemphill /
Last active Dec 14, 2015
A script to help you setup a cross compile shell to build node.js
#!/bin/sh -e
# WigWag LLC
# License: this script is public domain
# This will setup a shell to cross compile node.js (node 0.8 working for us) using cross tools
# Example uses a Freescale tool chain...
# Adjust vars below to your taste and good luck
edhemphill / texample.cpp
Created Feb 28, 2012
C++ threaded extension for node.js w/ gyp build
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// Originally at:
#include <queue>
// node headers
#include <v8.h>
#include <node.h>
#include <ev.h>
#include <pthread.h>
edhemphill / regextest.cpp
Created Feb 3, 2012
ICU4C regex example test program w/ capture groups
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// The following code is freeware:
// regextest.c
// Author: ed
// Simple test program for regex using ICU's regex matching.
#include <stdio.h>
#include <getopt.h>
#include <string.h>