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Created April 21, 2020 19:35
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alias help="tldr"
alias top="sudo htop"
alias yt="youtube-dl"
alias reload="source ~/.zshrc"
alias finder="open -a Finder ./"
alias weather="curl -4"
alias cat='bat'
alias md='mkdir -p'
alias please=sudo
alias d='dirs -v | head -10'
alias ip='curl'
# misc git alias
alias g=git
alias gc='git commit -a -m'
# g c "Commit message goes here"
alias f="!git fetch --all && git pull origin/master"
alias n="!git checkout -b"
alias gs='git status -sb'
alias gstats='git shortlog -sn --all --no-merges'
alias grecent='git for-each-ref --count=10 --sort=-committerdate refs/heads/ --format="%(refname:short)"'
alias gfix='git commit --amend --no-edit'
alias repo='gh repo view -w'
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