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Created February 25, 2017 14:01
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<hio> Zarthus, it's a modern VPS. im sure it has ip6
<Zarthus> hio: which provider
<hio> Zarthus: That's private information
<Zarthus> hio: You need a lot more evidence than "This is 2017, people give IPv6 everywhere" to prove you have IPv6.
<Zarthus> hio: You clearly lack the expertise to provide a concrete and worthwhile answer.
<Zarthus> hio: Therefore I conclude you don't have IPv6.
<Zarthus> hio: as such, a response like "I don't believe you" is merely you wasting my time.
<hio> Ok I respectfully disagree, I am good person and I believe in God
<Zarthus> I guess your god doesn't exist for you have no IPv6 access, then.
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