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Removes inferred interests from Twitter
// Remove inferred interests from Twitter
// This script removes inferred interests on Twitter.
// Comment below if this doesn't work for you
// *Instructions*
// 1. Go to and confirm your password
// 2. Open the Console in the Developer Tools
// (Mac: Alt+Cmd+K on Firefox, Alt+Cmd+J on Chrome; Windows/Linux: Control+Shift+K on Firefox, Control+Shift+J on Chrome)
// 3. Paste in this script below.
// This just enforces certain bits of best practice in Javascript (the language this script is written in)
"use strict;"
const labelSelector = ".r-1p0dtai.r-1ei5mc7.r-1pi2tsx.r-1d2f490.r-crgep1.r-orgf3d.r-t60dpp.r-u8s1d.r-zchlnj.r-ipm5af.r-13qz1uu"
// Get all the interests that Twitter has inferred about your account
const interests = Array.from(document.querySelectorAll(labelSelector));
// For each of those interests, if it's selected, uncheck the checkbox
interests.forEach((interest) => {
if (interest.checked) {;
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