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Dojo implementation of the "improved user interaction with XPages date picker" script (jQuery) by Marky Roden (src: This uses pure Dojo (which can prevent the need to load another library, if you're already using Dojo). This is used and tested with Dojo v. 1.6.1. …
* Dojo version of the improved behavior of the XPages calendar picker.
* Adapted from the jQuery version, originally by Marky Roden.
* credit:
* Adapted by Eric McCormick, @edm00se,
//id has _Container and is class of xspInputFieldDateTimePicker
var myAr = dojo.query("[id$=_Container].xspInputFieldDateTimePicker");
//iterate over each element to apply affect
myAr.forEach(function(node, index, arr){
//current root node, based on id$=_Container
var curNode = node;
//span for the button to fire the picker
var myBtn = dojo.query('> span > span > span.dijitButtonContents',curNode)[0];
//actual <input> element into which is focused/typed
var myInputFld = dojo.query('> div > div.dijitInputField > input.dijitInputInner',curNode)[0];
//connect the focus event to the picker click event
//provide an onkeypress preventDefault
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