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OpenSCAD source code: Flashlight mount support
if (MountSupport) { // anchor outer corners during worst overhang
RibWidth = 1.9*ThreadWidth;
SupportOC = 0.1 * ClampLength;
difference() {
translate([Shift + 0.3,0,0])
for (i=[-4.5,-2.5,0,2.0,4.5])
translate([i*SupportOC - 0.0,0,(ClampThick + Plate[2])/2])
cube([RibWidth,0.8*ClampOD,(ClampThick + Plate[2])],center=true);
# translate([Shift,0,ClampOD/2])
sphere(d=ClampOD - 2*ThreadWidth,$fn=NumSides);
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