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#!/usr/bin/env python
import csv
from xml.etree import ElementTree
from langdetect import detect_langs
from requests_html import HTMLSession
http = HTMLSession()
def langs(url):
resp = http.get(url)
main = resp.html.find('section.main', first=True)
return {l.lang: l.prob for l in detect_langs(main.text)}
def urls():
doc = ElementTree.fromstring(http.get('').text)
for url in doc.findall('.//{}loc'):
if url.text.startswith(''):
yield url.text
output = csv.writer(open('langs.csv', 'w'))
output.writerow(['url', 'fr', 'en'])
for url in urls():
results = langs(url)
print(url, results)
output.writerow([url, results.get('fr', 0), results.get('en', 0)])

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WaliyaYohannaJoseph commented Jun 10, 2019

it is working for me

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