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Adding A Custom Form-Tag to Contact Form 7 in Wordpress
* Contact form 7
* custom tag: [posts show:12]
* show parameter is optional
add_action('wpcf7_init', 'custom_add_form_tag_posts');
function custom_add_form_tag_posts()
wpcf7_add_form_tag('posts', 'custom_posts_form_tag_handler');
function custom_posts_form_tag_handler($tag)
//get current (local) date
$blogtime = current_time('mysql');
list( $today_year, $today_month, $today_day, $hour, $minute, $second ) = preg_split('([^0-9])', $blogtime);
//how may to show? (default 6)
$show=$tag->get_option('show', 'int', true);
$args = [
'post_type' => 'posts',
'posts_per_page'=> $show ? $show : $numberPosts,
'order' => 'ASC'
// The Query
$the_query = new WP_Query($args);
// The Loop
if ($the_query->have_posts()) {
while ($the_query->have_posts()) {
'id' =>get_the_ID(),
'title' =>get_the_title(),
// debug your query
// echo $the_query->request;
// Structure
$res="<div class='12u'><h3 class='mb-0'>No posts to display</h3></div>";
if ($rows) {
$res="<div class='row'>";
foreach ($rows as $row) {
$res.='<input type="checkbox" name="posts[]" value="'.esc_html($row['title']).'" id="'.esc_html($row['id']).'" />';
$res.='<label for="'.esc_html($row['id']).'">'.esc_html($row['title']).' <br>';
$res.= esc_html($row['title'])
$res.=' </label>';
return $res;
* When saving, change the array to a comma, separated list, just to make it easier
add_filter("wpcf7_posted_data", function ($posted_data) {
//'posts' is the name that you gave the field in the CF7 admin.
if (isset($posted_data['posts'])) {
$posted_data['posts'] = implode(", ", $posted_data['posts']);
return $posted_data;
* A tag to be used in "Mail" section so the user receives the special tag
* [posts]
add_filter('wpcf7_special_mail_tags', 'wpcf7_tag_post', 10, 3);
function wpcf7_tag_post($output, $name, $html)
$name = preg_replace('/^wpcf7\./', '_', $name); // for back-compat
$submission = WPCF7_Submission::get_instance();
if (! $submission) {
return $output;
if ('posts' == $name) {
return $submission->get_posted_data("posts");
return $output;

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commented Apr 5, 2019

Hi @eduardoarandah, I follow your code, but stuck in a situation. Can you please take a look here, and give me any suggestion.

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