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Created December 24, 2013 06:33
What would you like to do?
<Quashie> I'm heading to new york city and questioning my future
<Quashie> for the holidays
<nso95_> I'm questioning your future too [00:51]
<someoneigna> Well my future is going to be dark >_<
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<reaga> i had a really good idea
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<Sprocklem> what now?
<reaga> what if.. what if a web page played the sound "isnt it annoying when
you cant find which tab the audio is coming from" after 30 minutes of
inactivity on the site
<reaga> then that'd be it
<DarkCthulhu> so santa is supposed to fly out of the north pole and hit every
place in the world at 00:00 Dec 25?
<reaga> DarkCthulhu: santa is not a person [00:53]
<Sprocklem> Yes. He breaks the speed of light
<reaga> santa refers to a being that exists in dimensions 7 through 62
<DarkCthulhu> reaga: You can't be serious
<reaga> we have only observed him in surperficial theoretical states
<reaga> i am deadly serious
<DarkCthulhu> But.. but.. reindeer! [00:54]
<reaga> Reigndeer...
<Sprocklem> DarkCthulhu: He's lying, santa only exists in dimensions 8 through
<DarkCthulhu> Sprocklem: :D
<Quashie> over time, santa has been observed in an increasing number of places
in the time leading up to the santa hypercriticality event
<DarkCthulhu> reaga: Chrome canary has that "which tab is playing audio"
<someoneigna> Santa travels in time using the pyramids. Tsoukolus is Santa!
<reaga> santa can manipulate spacetime^2 [00:55]
<Quashie> if the santa concentration were to be extrapolated outward, we would
witness a santa singularity once the liminal santas extend all the
way to the previous cycle
<reaga> this allows him to exist beyond any observable plane of reality
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<DarkCthulhu> Quashie: Now I get it! [00:56]
<reaga> im going to sleep now
<reaga> any last wishes?
<DarkCthulhu> No flash at all on
<Quashie> in order to prevent this catastrophic event from happening, we must
buffet the north pole with a steady stream of anti-santas in the
time leading up to the santa hypercriticality event
<DarkCthulhu> reaga: send me a couple of beers :P [00:57]
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<DarkCthulhu> Quashie: Wouldn't that create a tiny blackhole?
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<Sprocklem> DarkCthulhu: No not a singularity, a santa singularity
<Sprocklem> There's a difference
<Quashie> well, as long as we take advantage of the rotation of the earth to
create a binary present-antipresent rotary system we can probably
launch it into orbit with little ill effect
<reaga> i ned to buy a knife
<RasAlGhul> lets tone the Asspergers down, kids
<wei2912> i'm starting to lose track of this conversation [00:59]
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