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Useful CSS utilities for Vue.js cloaking

Handy helpers for controlling visibility of elements until Vue has compiled.

Use like:

<div v-cloak>
    <span class="v-cloak--inline">Loading...</span> <!-- Only displayed before compiling -->
    <span class="v-cloak--hidden">{{ post.title }}</span> <!-- Hidden until compiling is finished -->

Includes variations for block, inline, and inline-block display attributes.

[v-cloak] .v-cloak--block {
  display: block;
[v-cloak] .v-cloak--inline {
  display: inline;
[v-cloak] .v-cloak--inlineBlock {
  display: inline-block;
[v-cloak] .v-cloak--hidden {
  display: none;
[v-cloak] .v-cloak--invisible {
  visibility: hidden;
.v-cloak--inlineBlock {
  display: none;
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