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Created Apr 17, 2019
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Zip latest committed changes only

git archive will accept paths as arguments. All you should need to do is:

git archive -o ../ some-commit $(git diff --name-only earlier-commit some-commit)

or if you have files with spaces (or other special characters) in them, use xargs:

git diff --name-only earlier-commit some-commit | xargs -d'\n' git archive -o ../ some-commit

If you don't have xargs properly installed, you could cook up an alternative:


files=($(git diff --name-only earlier-commit some-commit))

git archive -o ../ some-commit "${files[@]}"

Written as a shell script, but should work as a one-liner too. Alternatively, change earlier-commit, some-commit, and ../ to $1 $2 and $3 and you've got yourself a reusable script.

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