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logging.debug('sheet_id: ' + str(sheet_id))
logging.debug(' ' + str(eachUpdate['']))
# Find the row by id
row_to_update = self.smart_sheet_authorized.Sheets.get_row(sheet_id, int(eachUpdate['']))
# Check the update from GS is in SS Columns
if eachUpdate['column'] in column_map:
# Get the SS column id from columns map
smart_sheet_column = column_map[eachUpdate['column']]
# Get cell whict want to update
cell_to_update = row_to_update.get_column(smart_sheet_column)
# Update Value
cell_to_update.value = eachUpdate['value']
# Put column back to row
row_to_update.set_column(cell_to_update.column_id, cell_to_update)
# Update row
self.smart_sheet_authorized.Sheets.update_rows(sheet_id, [row_to_update])
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