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PhoneGap sqlite working example
I hope this helps you all get started with phonegap and sqlite in your
This is an example that shows how to create an application that uses
an embedded sqlite database
in a mobile device (iphone,ipod,ipad,android using phonegap, jquery
and sqlite.
Your phonegap project will already contain the phonegap.js.
You will need to download and add to your project the jquery.min.js
The application will create a database called WebSqlDb with a
table in it called User, which contains three fields UserId,
FirstName and LastName
When the application is run the firsttime, if the local database does
not exist, the application
will create the database and the table.
The application shows two text boxes which you can use to add values
to the database using the add record button
The application also has a refresh button which will get the data from
the database and show it on the screen
When the application is run on the device the onBodyLoad() function is
called, which sets up the database and table
The Add Record button calls the AddValueToDB() function
The Refresh button calls the ListDBValues() function
There are a few alert statements in this application, which are only
there for debuggin purposes. They look like this
alert("DEBUGGING: followed by some text");
These are only in the application to indicate where the application is
at when it is processing functions, etc
You will need to comment these out before you deploy/sell your
<!-- Change this if you want to allow scaling -->
<meta name="viewport" content="width=default-width; user-
scalable=no" />
<meta http-equiv="Content-type" content="text/html;charset=utf-8">
<title>Embedded Sql Example</title>
<!-- include the next line to use phonegap javascript functions -->
<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src="phonegap.js"></
<!-- include the next line to use jquery functions in your application
you must download this and include the directory your html file is in
<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src="jquery.min.js"></
<!-- main scripts used in this example -->
<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8">
// global variables
var db;
var shortName = 'WebSqlDB';
var version = '1.0';
var displayName = 'WebSqlDB';
var maxSize = 65535;
// this is called when an error happens in a transaction
function errorHandler(transaction, error) {
alert('Error: ' + error.message + ' code: ' + error.code);
// this is called when a successful transaction happens
function successCallBack() {
alert("DEBUGGING: success");
function nullHandler(){};
// called when the application loads
function onBodyLoad(){
// This alert is used to make sure the application is loaded correctly
// you can comment this out once you have the application working
alert("DEBUGGING: we are in the onBodyLoad() function");
if (!window.openDatabase) {
// not all mobile devices support databases if it does not, the
following alert will display
// indicating the device will not be albe to run this application
alert('Databases are not supported in this browser.');
// this line tries to open the database base locally on the device
// if it does not exist, it will create it and return a database
object stored in variable db
db = openDatabase(shortName, version, displayName,maxSize);
// this line will try to create the table User in the database just
// you can uncomment this next line if you want the User table to be
empty each time the application runs
// tx.executeSql( 'DROP TABLE User',nullHandler,nullHandler);
// this line actually creates the table User if it does not exist
and sets up the three columns and their types
// note the UserId column is an auto incrementing column which is
useful if you want to pull back distinct rows
// easily from the table.
// list the values in the database to the screen using jquery to
update the #lbUsers element
function ListDBValues() {
if (!window.openDatabase) {
alert('Databases are not supported in this browser.');
// this line clears out any content in the #lbUsers element on the
page so that the next few lines will show updated
// content and not just keep repeating lines
// this next section will select all the content from the User table
and then go through it row by row
// appending the UserId FirstName LastName to the #lbUsers element
on the page
db.transaction(function(transaction) {
transaction.executeSql('SELECT * FROM User;', [],
function(transaction, result) {
if (result != null && result.rows != null) {
for (var i = 0; i < result.rows.length; i++) {
var row = result.rows.item(i);
$('#lbUsers').append('<br>' + row.UserId + '. ' +
row.FirstName+ ' ' + row.LastName);
// this is the function that puts values into the database using the
values from the text boxes on the screen
function AddValueToDB() {
if (!window.openDatabase) {
alert('Databases are not supported in this browser.');
// this is the section that actually inserts the values into the User
db.transaction(function(transaction) {
transaction.executeSql('INSERT INTO User(FirstName, LastName)
VALUES (?,?)',[$('#txFirstName').val(), $('#txLastName').val()],
// this calls the function that will show what is in the User table in
the database
return false;
<body onload="onBodyLoad()">
<input id="txFirstName" type="text" placeholder="FirstName">
<input id="txLastName" type="text" placeholder="Last Name">
<input type="button" value="Add record" onClick="AddValueToDB()">
<input type="button" value="Refresh" onClick="ListDBValues()"> <br>
<span style="font-weight:bold;">Currently stored values:</span>
<span id="lbUsers"></span>

Hey's working


I will try it!


it' not working


Finally after loads of pain, found one working example. Thanks a lot!


not working :((

using xcode with phone gap. and note that the phonegap.js --> cordovaXY.js (xy is the version) and i already download query.min.js ..

@randori21 say: waw! thank's
first this code not work. Then,
I read this code per line, i found that sentence comment when i copy paste was entered so i put it back then tara... it works


Hi ! thank's for this. But i work on windows phone 8 devices. Have you got an idea ? I check on the net to resolve my problem but i didn't find a good solution. I will try nova framwork....

Thank's a lot if someone have a solution to asking database with sqlite (Phone Gap) on WP8.


I am looking for a PhoneGap Build solution for PhoneGap Storage on a Windows 8 phone.... If anyone know, I welcome feedback. Thanks!


Thanks.. good example!


Uow!!! Perfect! Thanks!!


I have been looking for a good working example! thanks so much!


Awesome....! after a lot of google search ... found this gr8 tutorial..! Thank you :)


I have tried the above mentioned sqlite code but after compiling, log cat shows AddValuesToDB() and ListDBValues are not defined. how to solve this? Please help me...Thanks


My problem is the same as varae; LogCat shows; Can't find variable onBodyLoad, AddValuesToDB() and ListDBValues ...


Finally it works,.. everythink was because you have to bind in the same line sentences like:


It was my fault because my javascript level is null...


Very nice post, It will be very useful. Otherwise, I have no clear where the database that is created by phonegap is stored? The database is stored at device File System or at memory?

Reading all comments I have notice that Phonegap have problems with using sqlitedb under Windows 8. Is this true? Our customer need an a mobile app that runs on different platforms (Android, Windows 8 and iOS) but it seems phonegap does not cover access to the database for all these platforms.

Kind Regards,


i getting error in null handler not define . plz any one can tell what variables to put in error handler..


Hi,Thank you so much for this nice post.Its working fine.


Hi, I have this error:
01-09 13:30:57.512: E/Web Console(334): ReferenceError: Can't find variable: ListDBValues at file:///android_asset/www/dodaj.html:198

please help me.


Its not working with IOS


Not working on my Windows XP + Eclipse + Android:

ReferenceError: Can't find variable: $ at file:///android_asset/www/index.html:130

its seems it doesn't recognize this: $('#lbUsers').html('');

Does somebody knows why?
(I just copied and pasted it)



seems like it doesnt find your jquery library .

From code:
include the next line to use jquery functions in your application
you must download this and include the directory your html file is in

    <script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src="jquery.min.js"></

Works perfectly! Thank you so much!!! Been looking for a simple tutorial on using SQL inside a PhoneGap app. This is exactly what I needed.

To anyone who wants to use this code -- a word of warning:
The way the text is formatted on this page, some of the text is being word-wrapped to the next line. You have to put it into a text-editor and fix the bad line-breaks in the comments so they don't interfere with the code. (Lines 105/106, 113/114, 121/122 are an example of this, although there are several more.)

There are also a couple of bad line-breaks in the JavaScript code itself. For example, lines 130, 131, and 132 should all be on a single line with no line-breaks. Lines 70/71 have the same problem. There are several other examples of this problem as well.

So, because of the way the text is formatted on this site, you can't simply copy/paste and expect it to run. Take your time and go through it to fix all the weird line-breaks, and I promise you it will run. (Oh, also don't forget to download the proper jQuery-min.js file at Then it will run. I promise.) :-)


Works great !!
Had to merge broken lines especially fix "INSERT INTO User..." line so that the sql will be on the same line


Works great! thank you! the only thing is that when you paste it from here make sure you check all lines once to see if the comments are fine and there are not additional enters. just fix them and it works great!


It's Working After the code review. One line of code is comment (delete tableif already exist). Than I use phonegap1.4 and jqm1.3.2.min.js.

Working code snippet:

Embedded Sql Example


Currently stored values:

working in eclise-phonegap-andropid


At least an example of database usage in phonegap that works!!! You need to change the file from js to html and look for comments that aren't commented, but after cleaning this, it works without configuring or typing any code.

I give a 10/10


It works perfect! Thank you very much.


Hey Guys it works good, don't use the jquery from the internet http:// rather download it and then link the script. It works perfectly. Cheers


doesnot work :(


Hey!!! it works perfectly!!! Thanks!!!

But I have a problem when I want my DB to have already some data I tried:

            tx.executeSql('insert into User (FirstName, LastName) values (?,?)', ["John", "Smith"], nullHandler, errorHandler);

and it works... but I don't know how to change the code for more than one data, any thoughts? help please


Finally!! It works for me like a charm!!
P.S Before using this snippet you should remove all comments (or just make them normally commented) and transfers in sql request.


Wonderful example. Works fine for me. Where can i find the database file in my device ?


How to store the database in a specific location...


How to upload the database detail to web server or export it in csv or excel


please I think there is a problem with this line $('#lbUsers').html('');. The data in the database is not showing when i click refresh. I need help pls.


sqlite is.... websql????


nice! thanks :)


Its now working, Thanks.


Is it possible to use serial data type in sqlite data base?


Does not seem to be working for me, throwing the error in alert box: Error could not prepare statement(1 no such table:User)code:5. I have copy pasted the same code given above and inserted required '.js' files. I am working on windows machine with phonegap installed on it.


Got it to work with little effort!!! @atul789, I actually saw the same error you did the first go and it was because I missed one of the errant line breaks in one of the comments in the onBodyLoad function. After I fixed that, it added the User table as designed. I would look back over your code for any improper line breaks if you haven't already.

Thanks so much for this example! I never realized so much potential was available using html5 app development and now I'm really excited to get started.


Will it work for cordova ?


Any version of the same using javascript and not jquery?


It doesn't work for me. When I click Add record or Refresh the data is not entered into the database. I've already modified all the lines etc


Finally after a week of aggravation i got this to work lol. For anyone still puzzled, you need to reformat a lot of the javascript, comment some lines out, etc. Also, make sure you download and include jquery-3.1.0.min.js and jquery-3.1.0.js in your project folder and reference them in the index.html file.

Now i have a question. I changed the <span> tag to a <ul> tag with the same id and it works, displaying as a numberd list. Cool. How can I have the entries in the <ul> be links that I can click on to show that specific entry? In my form, i'm catpuring more than 2 field entries, but only want to show 1 field value in the list, then when the user clicks on that specific entry, it shows the whole entry (I hope that makes sense).

For example, user enters name, address and phone number, all entries get inserted into table but the <ul> would only show the name. then user clicks on a name and it will show the whole entry (name, address, phone) Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance :)


Thanks so much. Works perfectly

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