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pokémon with forms
pokémon forms how to change impact
pichu regular, gizamimi pokeathlon, disables evolution
unown letters pokeathlon
castform weather set by ability (weather) pokeathlon, type, moves (level-up)
deoxys normal, attack, defense, speed overworld event (meteorite) effort, pokeathlon, stats, moves (level-up, tutor)
burmy grass, sandy, trash set by terrain of last battle pokeathlon
wormadam grass, sandy, trash effort, pokeathlon, stats, type, moves (level-up, machine, tutor)
cherrim overcast, sunny set by weather via ability (in gen 5+; in 4 this was hardcoded to cherrim) pokeathlon
shellos east, west
gastrodon: east, west
rotom appliances overworld event (appliances) exp, pokeathlon, stats, type, moves (form-change)
giratina origin, altered changed by location or held item (griseous orb) ability, height, pokeathlon, stats, weight, moves (tutor)
shaymin land, sky changed by item use (reverts at night, when frozen, or in a box) ability, effort, height, items, pokeathlon, stats, type, weight, moves (level-up, tutor)
arceus plates set by ability (held item) pokeathlon, type (affects judgment's type, but arguably that's a property of the move)
basculin red, blue ability, items
darmanitan standard, zen set by ability (zen mode) effort, exp, stats, type
deerling seasons changes to match current season while in party (battle not necessary)
sawsbuck seasons intrinsic
genesect drives changed by held item (drives) — (affects techno blast's type, but arguably that's a property of the move)
tornadus incarnate, therian use item ability, effort, height, stats
thundurus incarnate, therian use item ability, effort, height, stats
landorus incarnate, therian use item ability, effort, height, stats
kyurem gray, black, white use item ability, effort, exp, height, stats, moves (level-up)
keldeo ordinary, resolute changed by knowing Sacred Sword
meloetta aria, pirouette changed by move, reverts outside battle effort, stats, types
vivillon wing patterns — (set by 3ds region)
flabebe colors
floette colors — (disables evolution on one form)
florges colors
furfrou haircuts changed by in-game event (haircut) (reverts in box, OR after 5 days)
meowstic gender ability, moves (level-up)
aegislash shield, sword changed by ability stats
pumpkaboo sizes stats
gourgeist sizes stats
xerneas neutral, active changes while in battle
various megas mega changed by big fuckin mega evo button + held item stats, types
various gender
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