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Upload Ghost local storage images to Cloudinary

Ghost content update

  1. Export your Ghost content (aka backup)
  2. Open in an editor that support Regex find/replace
  3. Search for:
  1. Replace by:{cloud-name}/image/upload/{transformations}/{folder}/

It is adived to create a named tranformation in Cloudinary and use it in the URL so if you want to change what the transformation does, you can simply update the named transformation in Cloudinary instead of updating all your Cloudinary URL in your blog.

// Usage:
// $ npm i --no-package-lock --loglevel=error cloudinary glob
// $ CLOUDINARY_URL=cloudinary://xxxx node ghost-image-to-cloudinary.js
const cloudinary = require('cloudinary').v2,
path = require('path'),
glob = require('glob'),
basedir = 'content/images/',
dups = [],
gopts = {
use_filename: true,
unique_filename: false,
overwrite: false
getTags = (name) => {
const dpr = name.match(/@(\d)x(?!.*@\dx)/);
return dpr ? ['blog', `dpr${dpr[1]}`] : ['blog', 'dpr1'];
findDups = (f, cb) => {
f = path.parse(f);
if (dups.indexOf( >= 0) {
console.error(new Error(`Found dup with ${}`));
upload = (f, cb) => {
const fopt = Object.assign({}, gopts, {
public_id: path.join('blog',,
tags: getTags(
// console.log(fopt); cb(); return;
cloudinary.uploader.upload(path.join(f.dir, f.base), fopt, (err, res) => {
if (err) { throw err; }
glob(path.join(basedir, '**/*.jpg'), (err, files) => {
if (err) { throw err; }
let i = 0;
const run = (files) => {
return findDups(files[i], (f) => {
return upload(f, () => {
if (i < files.length) {
return run(files);

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@chinciusan chinciusan commented Mar 28, 2019

Hi. I found your gist quite useful, as I have a ghost site with thousands of images.
I'd like to make a small change to it. As throwing an error doesn't help me, because it used to happen after a lot of pics from many folders, so restarting the whole process takes a lot of time.
So I modified the script to just show a log and add _duplicate to the file name. That way, when everything's finished, I can manually search in cloudinary for files with duplicate in their name, and deal with them accordingly.

if (dups.indexOf( >= 0) {
            console.log(`Found dup with ${}.`);
   += `${}_duplicate_${dups.indexOf(}`
            console.log(`New name is ${}.`);
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