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Agile Software Developer (Infrastructure)

Madrid, Community of Madrid, Spain · Product


We are looking for a Software Developer with experience in infrastructure and architecture to join our dynamic Tech Team, based in Madrid (Spain). As a software developer you will be part of a collaborative effort in continuously delivering business value for our product and customers, with special emphasis in traversal/infrastructure services.

We are a SaaS company that believes in simplicity. We work to change the way people feel and make video advertising, aiming to make it as simple as clicking a button.

Engineering Team Culture

  • We love our profession. We work hard to build the best product and the best team that any SaaS company could have.
  • We consider the team as part of the main product. We are very focused in continuous improvement, always promoting good practices and quality.
  • We have an agile/lean mindset. We try to validate our assumptions, taking small steps and learning throughout the process.
  • We work very hard to avoid creating knowledge silos. Therefore, every team member always tries to expand their comfort zone as much as possible (i.e.: improving and expanding their skills via mentoring or training).
  • We believe DevOps is a culture, not a role.
  • We love simplicity, and we reflect this principle in our code, practices and product.
  • The system/platform is cloud native from day one. This lead us to complete automation, a very solid infrastructure and deep-rooted DevOps practices (i.e. continuous delivery, rolling deploys, microservices, autoscaling, etc).
  • The initial steps in this journey are described at honey badger team


  • From coding and testing to releasing, operating and monitoring. The code, in this case, will be mainly backend and infrastructure oriented.
  • Help defining transversal architecture pieces. As of today, this means providing libraries for metrics and instrumentation, a dynamic autoscaling system or even to define and develop all the environment for our architecture.
  • If you are a senior developer: mentoring and helping the others improve in infrastructure, operations practices or instrumentation is a must.
  • Operate our system as everyone else in our team (we have no operation team, nor sysadmins: only the cloud provider and ourselves).


  • Agile mindset and culture. Eager to learn and to continuously improve.
  • Be a team player.
  • Knowledge in AWS services, cloud native design and patterns for scalability, databases
  • We use Python, Go, and lot of AWS services. Experience in any of these technologies is very valuable.
  • You enjoy fine-tuning a system’s performance.
  • You are not content with just using distributed systems, containers or service discovery, but you need to (deeply) understand how they work.
  • Strong problem solving skills. Adaptability, proactivity and accountability.
  • A minimum level of english to understand and carry a basic conversation.

Any of the requirements can be compensated with an eager to learn (which we expect, in any case). :)

Nice to have

  • XP practices (we use TDD, Collective ownership, pairing often, simple design).
  • Experience in this or similar roles, preferably in SaaS / Internet / Digital Marketing start-ups.
  • Experience with SQS, Kinesis, RDS, DynamoDB, Prometheus, Grafana or other infrastructure services.

Experience isn't a big concern, though the more experience the better. The most important thing is you have development knowledge, a willingness to learn and an open mind (our system evolves fast). If you have more experience you'll have more freedom, if you have less we'll guide you.


  • Competitive salary package
  • Budget for books, training, conferences and/or internal training.
  • Unbeatable location: Madrid - a stunning skyscraper in a full-of-life city.
  • Top notch team.
  • One remote day per week.

There is also a yearly budget for books, conferences and/or internal training. We're trying to have either weekly or bi-weekly internal workshops, depending on availability of the designated speaker.

If you have passion for our profession and this job offer resonates with you, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Contact: eferro at

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