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Agile Software Developer

Madrid, Community of Madrid, Spain


We are looking for several software developers: junior, senior, tech lead, etc. with focus on product to join our Tech Team based in Madrid (Spain). As a software developer you will be part of a collaborative effort focused on delivering business value continuously for our product and customers.

We are a SaaS company that believes in simplicity. We work to change the way people feel and make video advertising, at the touch of a button.

Engineering Team Culture

  • We love our profession. We work hard to build the best product and the best team that any SaaS company could have.
  • We consider the team as part of the main product. We are very focused in continuous improvement, always promoting good practices and quality.
  • We have an agile/lean mindset. We try to validate our assumptions, taking small steps and learning throughout the process.
  • We work very hard to avoid creating knowledge silos. Therefore, every team member always tries to expand their comfort zone as much as possible (i.e.: improving and expanding their skills via mentoring or training).
  • We believe DevOps is a culture, not a role.
  • We love simplicity, and we reflect this principle in our code, practices and product.
  • The system/platform is cloud native from day one. This lead us to complete automation, a very solid infrastructure and deep-rooted DevOps practices (i.e. continuous delivery, rolling deploys, microservices, autoscaling, etc).
  • The initial steps in this journey are described at


  • From coding and testing to releasing, monitoring and even setup of the microservices.
  • Push code to production up to multiple times per day using our nice infrastructure (autoscaling, rolling deploys, monitoring, etc).
  • For more senior or tech lead position, is also required to mentor and help other developers.

We expect each developer to be confortable dealing with any kind of tasks (frontend, backend even infrastructure and operations). But right know we need to reinforce our frontend capabilities.


  • Agile mindset and culture
  • Rock-solid technical background
  • Frontend skills and experience developing web applications
  • We use Javascript (emberjs), Python, Go and lot of AWS services. Experience in any of these technologies is very valuable.
  • You should be a good team player
  • XP practices (we use TDD, Collective ownership, sometimes pairing, simple design)
  • Strong problem solving skills, adaptable, proactive and accountable
  • Experience in this or similar roles, preferably at SaaS / Internet / Digital Marketing start-up
  • You need to have a minimum level of english to understand and carry a basic conversation

Nice to have

  • Experience working on Start-Up, SaaS, cloud-based companies
  • Prototyping, UX experience, visual design

Experience isn't a big concern, though the more experience the better. The most important thing is you have development knowledge, a willingness to learn and an open mind (our system evolves fast). If you have more experience you'll have more freedom, if you have less we'll guide you.


  • Competitive salary package
  • Budget for books, training, conferences and/or internal training.
  • Unbeatable location: Madrid - a stunning skyscraper in a full-of-life city.
  • Top notch team.
  • Two remote days per week.

If you have passion for our profession and this job offer resonates with you, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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