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Last active March 20, 2017 09:48
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Block to commit if user's email not match
# An example hook script to verify what is about to be committed.
# Called by "git commit" with no arguments. The hook should
# exit with non-zero status after issuing an appropriate message if
# it wants to stop the commit.
# To enable this hook, rename this file to "pre-commit".
accept_email() {
CURRENT_USER_EMAIL=$(git config --list | grep | awk -F"=" '{print $2}')
if [ "${CURRENT_USER_EMAIL}" != "${substring}" ]; then
printf "Not match" > /dev/null
WHITE_LIST="${WHITE_LIST}\n> ${substring}"
exit 0
# Change for your accepted email addresses
accept_email ""
accept_email ""
printf "Your current git <%s> NOT MATCH any approved emails\n" "${CURRENT_USER_EMAIL}"
printf "%b\n\n" "${WHITE_LIST}"
printf "Check ~/.gitconfig for more\n"
exit 1
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egel commented Mar 20, 2017

Usage download and save into .git/hooks/pre-commit:

Change example email addresses for your own.

cd <your project git root directory>
wget -P ".git/hooks"
chmod +x .git/hooks/pre-commit

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