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eggdropsoap / rpg-se-pro-forma-comments
Last active Mar 14, 2018
The JSONP for pro forma comments at RPG.SE, accessible via script.
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{ "name": "[Q] Answering in comments not supported", "description": "♦ Reminder: We do not support [answers in comments]( because comments do not support features like proper voting and the wiki-style editing that allow us to vet, correct, and improve the content."},
{ "name": "[Q] Don't answer in comments, FAQ", "description": "♦ Reminder: comments are for helping manage the post, not for posting small or incomplete answers. (See [the relevant FAQ for details]( Previous answers in comments have been removed."},
{ "name": "[Q] Stop answering in comments.", "description": "♦ Reminder: comments are for clarifying content, <a href=\"\">not posting small or incomplete answers</a>. Please only use answer posts to submit answers on the site. Prior comments containing answers have been removed."},
{ "name": "[Q] Stop discussing in comments.", "des