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Recover deleted data from mongo DB database
"""A little script to recover deleted recording of a mongoDB db file
There's no optimization but it work and has saved me
import struct
import bson
import pymongo
import sys
def decode_chunck(chunck):
"Try to decode a chunck"
#if not bson.is_valid(chunck):
# return None
result = bson.decode_all(chunck)[0]
if not result:
return None
# if there's all the searched field, return it
if 'field_1' in result and 'field_2' in result and 'field_3' in result:
return result
except Exception:
return None
return None
def generate_chunck(data, pos=0):
"Generator to create chunck"
print "open at: %s" % pos
f= open(data,'rb')
size = len(a)
while pos < size:
# Progress indicator
if pos % 1024 ==0:
print pos
# Determine the size of the possible bson encoded data
bson_size = struct.unpack("<I", a[pos:pos + 4])[0]
# If it's more than 2KB reject it (perfect for me)
if bson_size > 2*1024:
# Continue tu search in the file
pos += 1
# If the bson is bigger than the file, reject it
if bson_size+pos > size-1:
pos += 1
# A bson should end by \x00
if a[pos+bson_size] != '\x00':
pos += 1
# Chunck it
chunck = a[pos:pos+bson_size]
pos += 1
yield chunck
# create connection
connection = pymongo.Connection('localhost', 27017)
# Connect to MongoDB in order to reinsert the data
db = connection.recover_db
collection = db.recover_collection
# argv[1] = the file to recover
# argv[2] = Where to start in the file
for chunck in generate_chunck(sys.argv[1], int(sys.argv[2])):
result = decode_chunck(chunck)
if result:
print "insert"
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sforce100 commented Jul 5, 2013

hi man, this is to recover some data of one database, but can not recover a drop database, is it?

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magnums commented Apr 26, 2014

Could you please show sample of argv1 and argv2?
and Where can found the file in both argv ?
Thank you in advance.

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guss77 commented Nov 14, 2015

This didn't work for me on Mongo 2.4, apparently the file format has changed and now mongo overwrites the object size with \xee\xee\xee\xee. I have a gist here: that modifies the above code to try to guess at the recoverable size of an object.

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atul9911 commented Jan 7, 2017

Showing : ./ line 8: syntax error near unexpected token (' ./ line 8: def decode_chunck(chunck):

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arihantdaga commented Sep 29, 2018

@egguy can u please give an example for argv[1] and argv[2], since i dont know which file do we have to feed it.

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