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Migrate vbuild 6 to 7


- vbuild --dev
+ vbuild dev

- vbuild --watch
+ vbuild watch

So does not exist now, use options.mode instead, the possible values are production development test watch

Extend webpack config

options.webpack function still works but is deprecated now, try options.extendWebpack instead:

module.exports = {
  extendWebpack(config) {
    // Disable the progress bar while building

The config argument is a webpack-chain instance.


--eslint option is removed. It's recommended to run standalone eslint bin instead since it's much faster.

Dev server

setup is renamed to setupDevServer:

module.exports = {
  setupDevServer(app) {
    app.get('hello', (req, res) => res.send('hello'))


  • run option is removed, nobody uses this except vbuild-karma
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