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Last active Sep 26, 2015

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Git commands I use to get the data for my "CDK 1.x.y" blog posts
git shortlog -s -n $v1..$v2
git log --oneline $v1..$v2 | sed 's/\([a-f0-9]*\)\s\(.*\).*/<li>\2 <a href="https:\/\/\/cdk\/cdk\/commit\/\1">\1<\/a><\/li>/'
git log --oneline $v1..$v2 | sed 's/\([a-f0-9]*\)\s\(.*\).*/- \2/'
git log $v1..$v2 | grep Signed-off | cut -d':' -f2 | cut -d'<' -f1 | sort | uniq -c
export v1=cdk-1.4.7
export v2=cdk-1.4.8
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