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Last active August 11, 2017 01:24
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Windows batch script for creating daily EC2 snapshots for a volume and deleting old ones.
set AWS_VOLUME=vol-12345678
:: Create snapshot for this volume
CMD /C ec2-create-snapshot %AWS_VOLUME% -d "Daily Snapshot"
:: Find old snapshots for this volume, sort them by date desc
ec2-describe-snapshots -F "volume-id=%AWS_VOLUME%" -F "status=completed"|find /I "Daily Snapshot"|sort /R /+49>%AWS_HOME%\snapshots.txt
:: Loop over old snapshots, skip the first 10, delete the rest
for /f "tokens=2 skip=%AWS_SNAPSHOT_KEEP%" %%s in (%AWS_HOME%\snapshots.txt) do ec2-delete-snapshot %%s
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