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Azure REST Get all resource groups
#Loop through each reasource group and get all resources.
#Add everything to a hash table
$Groups = @()
foreach ($rg in $ResourceGroups) {
$ResourceGroupUri = "$subscriptionID/resourceGroups/$rg/resources?api-version=$APIVersion"
$res = (Invoke-RestMethod -Uri $ResourceGroupUri -Method GET -Headers $authHeader).value
#Create array of all resources
$resources = @{}
$resources.Add($rg, $res)
#Add all resource groups and their resources to a hash table
$Groups += $resources
#get all resource groups within a subscription
$APIVersion = "2017-05-10"
$subscriptionID = "xxxxxxxxxxxx-xxx-xxx-xxxxxxxxxx"
$RGURI = "$subscriptionID/resourcegroups?api-version=$APIVersion"
$ResourceGroups = (Invoke-RestMethod -Uri $RGuri -Method GET -Headers $authHeader)
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