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Created March 7, 2016 14:10
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readnum macro num
push ax
push dx ;pushing ax,dx in stack to keep the previous values
mov ah, 01h ;read character function
int 21h ;execute the function
sub al, 30h ;to conert ascci to number and keep the number in AL
mov bh, 0ah ;set bh for next use
mul bh ;AL*BH , result goes in AL
mov num, al
mov ah, 01h ;read character function for next input
int 21h ;execute the 01h function
sub al, 30h ;same as before
add num, al ;simply add this to the previous num(inputed digit*10)
; to get the two digit input
pop dx
pop ax ;get the values, which are kept in the stack
endm ; end of macro
printstring macro x
push ax ;same as before
push dx
mov ah, 09h ;display string function
lea dx, x ;load effective address of x in dx
int 21h ;execute the 09h function
pop dx
pop ax ; same as before
endm ;end of the macro
_data segment ;start data segment
cr equ 0dh ;set carriage return to cr(same as define in C)
lf equ 0ah ;set line feed to lf
msg1 db 'How many numbers ? <XX>:$'
msg2 db cr,lf,'Enter Number<XX>:$' ;cr AND lf IS FOR NEWLINE(microsoft rule)
msg3 db cr,lf,'Sum:$'
ntable db 100 dup (0) ;number table with 100 values and the values are array.
num db ? ;num is a unasigned variable
temp db ? ;same as num
result db 20 dup ('$') ;same as ntable but the values are $ character
_data ends
_code segment
assume cs:_code, ds:_data
mov ax, _data
mov ds, ax
printstring msg1 ;print msg1 using macro(printstring)
readnum num ;get input using macro(readnum)
mov si, offset ntable ;set si to ntable's first memory address(only offset)
mov ch, 00h
mov cl, num ;set cl with num for loop (num)th time
printstring msg2
readnum temp ;get input by macro and keep this in temp variable.
mov al, temp
mov [si], al ;keep the inputed value in the ntable(in [si] address) like array in C
inc si
loop nextread
mov si, offset ntable
mov ah, 00h
mov al, [si]
mov cl, 01h
next_check: ;calculating sum of the inputed numbers
inc si
cmp cl, num ;compare cl and num if (cl==num) ret 0
je no_more ;jump on zero.
mov bh, 00h
mov bl, [si]
add ax, bx
inc cl
jmp next_check
mov si, offset result ;set si to result(array) first memory address(only offset)
call hex2asc ;hex to string convertion by calling the procedure
printstring msg3
printstring result
mov ah, 4ch
mov al, 00h
int 21h ;;back to DOS
hex2asc proc near
pusha ;keep all resister's value in stack to fetch next time
mov cx, 00h
mov bx, 0ah ;we have to divide by 10(decimal), so we set bx to 10d or 0ah
mov dx, 00h
div bx ;divide AX by BX and remainder stored in dl, quotient stored in AX
add dl, 30h ;to convert integer to ascci(character)
push dx ;push the character(ascci) in stack
inc cx
cmp ax, 0ah
jge rpt1 ;jump on greater or equal
add al, 30h
mov [si], al
pop ax ;pop those character which are pushed in #rpt1# level.
inc si
mov [si], al
loop rpt2 ;pop all the character and keep in result(array)
inc si
mov al, '$' ;append end of string
mov [si], al
hex2asc endp ;end of procedure.
_code ends
end start
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