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Created September 3, 2023 11:35
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from ytmusicapi import YTMusic
# Initialize YTMusic using your OAuth credentials
ytmusic = YTMusic("oauth.json")
# Search for a song
search_results ='Blank Space By Taylor Swift')
# Check if search results are empty
if not search_results:
print("No results found for the search query.")
# Find the first result with 'resultType' set to 'song'
song_result = next((item for item in search_results if item['resultType'] == 'song'), None)
if song_result:
print("Found song:", song_result)
# Fetch and print the song's metadata using the 'videoId'
song_metadata = ytmusic.get_song(song_result['videoId'])
print("Song metadata:", song_metadata)
print("No song found in the search results.")
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