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Notify zapier with firebase changes
var firebase = require("firebase");
var request = require("request");
var db = require('./database');
var notifyZapierOfJobPost = function(snapshot){
var job = snapshot.val();
var key = snapshot.key;
var email =;
if(job.sent_to_zapier) return; //ignore if already sent
if(!email) return; //ignore if email is blank
var zapierNewJobPost = '';
url: zapierNewJobPost,
method: "POST",
json: job
db.ref('jobs/'+ key +'/sent_to_zapier').set(true);
var jobsRef = db.ref('jobs');
jobsRef.orderByChild('sent_to_zapier').equalTo(null).on('child_changed', notifyZapierOfJobPost);
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