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Capture the result of an expression and send to i3d3 -- for use with Marginalia notebooks
(ns liveana.i3d3
(:require [ :as json]
[clj-time.core :refer [date-time interval in-seconds now]]
[clj-time.coerce :refer [to-long]]) ; fixme - check unused
(:import [org.joda.time DateTime]))
(def local-js "docs/local.js")
(defn js-div-header [div]
(format "// BEGIN DIV %s\n" div))
(defn js-div-footer [div]
(format "// END DIV %s\n" div))
(defn wrap-js-str [div body]
(str (js-div-header div)
(js-div-footer div)))
(defn div-re [div]
(re-pattern (str "(?ms)("
(js-div-header div)
(js-div-footer div)
(defn update-js-str [div body new]
(let [new-content (wrap-js-str div new)]
(if (re-find (div-re div) body)
(clojure.string/replace body (div-re div) new-content)
(str body new-content))))
(defn update-local-js
Update `div` code in file `local-js`
[local-js div content]
(if (.exists ( local-js))
(let [current (slurp local-js)]
(spit local-js (update-js-str div current content)))
(spit local-js (wrap-js-str div content))))
;; Is `x` a time?
(defn is-time [x] (= (class x) DateTime))
(defn time-to-js
Convert `t` to JavaScript long
(if (is-time t) (format "(new Date(%d)" (to-long t)) t))
(defn i3d3-str
"Return JavaScript needed to make an i3d3 graph based on input `params`"
(format "i3d3.plot(%s);\n"
(json/write-str params)))
(defn i3d3
Update `local.js` to display i3d3 plot in specified div. You need to
have a `div` specified elsewhere in your HTML; e.g., for Marginalia,
`;; <div id='plot9'></div>`
[div params]
(update-local-js local-js
(merge {:div div} params))))
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