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Tax solution for British Columbia, Canada to be used with Paid Memberships Pro
Plugin Name: PMPro Custom Tax
Plugin URI:
Description: Customizations for PMPro
Version: .1
Author: Stranger Studios
Author URI:
Tax solution for a fixed tax rate calculation (13%)
Edit as needed, then save this file in your plugins folder and activate it through the plugins page in the WP dashboard.
// Add tax info to cost text.
function customtax_pmpro_tax($tax, $values, $order)
$tax = round((float)$values[price] * 0.13, 2);
return $tax;
add_filter("pmpro_tax", "customtax_pmpro_tax", 10, 3);
// Add tax specific text to membership level description
function customtax_pmpro_level_cost_text($cost, $level)
//only applicable for levels > 1
$cost .= " Members will be charged a 13% tax.";
return $cost;
add_filter("pmpro_level_cost_text", "customtax_pmpro_level_cost_text", 10, 2);
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