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this representable base adds generatable __str__ and __repr__
# based on:
class RepresentableBase(object):
""" Add automatic __repr__ and __str__ to SQLAlchemy ORM models
def _repr_worker(self, attribute):
mapper = object_mapper(self)
items = [(p.key, getattr(self, p.key))
for p in (
for c in getattr(mapper, attribute))]
return "{0}({1})".format(
', '.join(['{0}={1!r}'.format(*attr_pair) for attr_pair in items]))
def __repr__(self):
'''This will represent ``self`` as::
ClassName(pkey_1='value1', pkey_2='value2')
where ``pkey_1..pkey_n`` are the primary key columns
of the mapped table
return self._repr_worker('primary_key')
def __str__(self):
'''This will represent ``self`` as::
ClassName(column_1='value1', column_2='value2')
where ``column_1..column_n`` are the all columns
of the mapped table
return self._repr_worker('columns')
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