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A FuelPHP task example for seeding like in the Rails.
#seeding data
namespace Fuel\Tasks;
class Seed
public static function run()
$projects = array("Example Project Title"=>"Example Project description that descripting nothing...",
"Another title " => "Description that does nothing at all...",
foreach ($projects as $title => $description) {
$p = \Model\Project::forge();
$p->name = $title;
$p->description = $description;
echo "Saving $title\n";
echo "Seeding done!";
# Reset all records in certain model, eg:
# php oil r seed:reset 'project';
# note the model name using a singularized name!
public static function reset($modelname='')
if ($modelname)
# Since models are singularized name,
# the model name must be pluralized
echo "All records on model $modelname successfully reset";
else {
// I dont know how to list all models so I can directly
// reset all tables...
// So you must specify the model name instead like
// example above... :(
echo "Please specify a model name!";
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