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Macaulay2 on Windows 10 with X server and Emacs GUI

Macaulay2 for 'Linux subsystem for Windows', with GUI

Macaulay 2, M2 for short, currently is mainly developed for Linux distros. For most Windows distro-s, use Cygwin to get Linux bash and through that, M2 command to start Macaulay2. However, Windows 10 for developers and insider builds come with a new feature, "Linux subsystem for Windows".

See the following sections for the steps for installation of, firstly, the Linux subsystem then M2, followed by installing and setting up an X server with emacs coupled with M2.

Get 'bash' for Windows and M2:

1.) Get Ubuntu "bash" in cmd Install "Linux subsystem for Windows" with ubuntu.

Follow instructions:

2.) Open Ubuntu bash.

Hit Start then type "bash", or open command prompt and type "bash".

3.) Install Macaulay 2 through bash.

Follow instructions: Tip: use the command in bash "lsb_release -a" to retrieve your Ubuntu's version.

Run emacs GUI, coupled with M2:

Secondly, get X server running with emacs GUI

1.) install an X server

2.) Set display to X server:


export DISPLAY=:0

3.) Install Emacs with X support


sudo apt-get install emacs
emacs # to see if it brings up GUI

4.) set up M2 environment for emacs:

  • Run Macaulay2: bash> M2
  • Run the following in M2: setupEmacs()
  • exit() M2
  • bash> emacs
  • to run M2 in emacs, hit F12
  • create new file, type
R = QQ[x,y]
f = symmetricPower(2,vars R)
  • select line 1 or line 2, hit F11 and see what the M2 buffer does inside emacs!

TeXmacs with M2

To install TeXmacs, run the following commands in bash:

#sudo dpkg -i texmacs*.deb
#sudo apt-get install -f

!!! Follow instructions here in stead:

Tips and tricks

  • To run M2 directly from windows cmd, passing all commandline arguments, create a file 'M2.bat' with the following content:
@echo off
bash -l -c "M2 -q %*"

(Make sure it's accessible in windows PATH.)

  • To run TeXmacs directly from windows cmd, as previously create a file 'texmacs.bat', with the following content:
@echo off
bash -l -c "export DISPLAY=:0 && texmacs %*"

(Make sure Xming is up and running!)


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Adding firefox is nice, since then it lets you
in Macaulay2.

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