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(defn create-ts [dataset cons-method]
(equals [this o]
(or (identical? this o)
(and (.isInstance name o)
(= dataset (. o dataset)))))
(hashCode [this]
(hash dataset))
(toString [this]
(str "(create-ts " (apply pr-str dataset)")"))
(cons [this x]
(create-ts (cons-method dataset x) cons-method))
(empty [this]
(create-ts (-> dataset empty) cons-method))
;; How does this differ from equals
(equiv [this o]
(.equals this o))
(seq [this]
(seq dataset))
(peek [this]
(-> dataset rseq first))
(pop [this]
(create-ts (disj dataset (peek this)) cons-method))
(comparator [this]
(.comparator dataset))
(entryKey [this entry]
(.entryKey dataset entry))
(seq [this ascending]
(.seq dataset ascending))
(seqFrom [this key ascending]
(.seqFrom dataset key ascending))
(trim-older [this snip]
(create-ts (reduce disj dataset (subseq this < snip)) cons-method))
(trim-newer [this snip]
(create-ts (reduce disj dataset (rsubseq this > snip)) cons-method))
;; Extra API
;; Straight Timeseries
(defn ts [& xs]
(create-ts (apply sorted-set xs) conj))
;; No longer work, obviously.
(defmethod print-method Timeseries [o, ^Writer w]
(#'clojure.core/print-sequential "(ts " #'clojure.core/pr-on " " ")" o w))
(defmethod print-dup Timeseries [o, ^Writer w]
(print-method o w))
;; Circular Timeseries
(defn cts [& xs]
(create-ts (apply sorted-set xs) (partial circular-conj circular-series-length))
(defmethod print-method CircularTimeseries [o, ^Writer w]
(#'clojure.core/print-sequential "(cts " #'clojure.core/pr-on " " ")" o w))
(defmethod print-dup CircularTimeseries [o, ^Writer w]
(print-method o w))
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